about the fund

Non-profit Fund of Sculptors of Russia “Edinenie” is an organization that unites sculptors, architects and designers from different regions of the country and from abroad.

 In 1994 Perm organized a Forum of sculptors who were participants of an international festival of ice and snow sculpture in Perm. Organizing such forums became traditional, and in some time during a forum an idea appeared to establish an organization that could unite interests of professional sculptors, that could support young sculptors, and provide some ground to realize perspective ideas and projects of talented artists. The suggestion came from the sculptors and found support from an initiative group of people who were at the origins of the Fund. In the end of 1990s they started to realize the idea. Actually the Fund of Sculptors of Russia “Edinenie” started its activity before having a legal status of an organization. Official date of birth of the Non-profit Fund of Sculptors of Russia “Edinenie” is 27 April 2001.

The name “Edinenie” was given by the sculptors from Ufa Ayrat and Yelena Magliev. From the number of proposed variants this one was chosen. Uniting of different kinds of art and artistic ideas to reach one goal – to keep and enrich cultural traditions of Russia.

Priority goals and purposes:

  • To keep and develop historical and cultural traditions of Russia;
  • To form cultural space;
  • To realize artistic ideas of sculptors;
  • To popularize and develop all kinds of plastic art

Main lines of activity:

– Creating monumental, park and city sculpture

– Organizing and hosting international festivals and competition of sculpture from different media (stone, wood, metal, concrete, sand, snow, ice, etc.)

– New Year snow and ice tot-lot areas

– Design and realization of projects in sphere of small form architecture

– Small plastic, including small ice plastic to decorate exhibitions, presentations, banquets

– Organizing and holding exhibitions and expositions

– Organizing field work for the profiled students on the bases of the Fund

– Organizing and holding master-classes for those who want to learn ice carving art and art of creating a park sculpture

Our team

Svetlana Kolchanova


Aleksej Tyutnev

CEO, Chairman of the Board of the Foundation